Your Business or Your Writing: Which Matters More? (HINT: trick question)

I’ve been writing a lot lately. But not as often for pen to ZEN as I planned.

I’m okay with that, to a certain extent. I guess I want to work it out a little bit though, and would like to chat with you about it.

I’m okay with it partly because I’m working on big things for you, Grasshopper. In the background of this blog.

Also, because I know you’re busy, and patient with me, so you’re not freaking out, like “WHERE THE HELL IS MY p2Z POST?!!”

Also, because I got some new client work and I’ve been busy doing proposals and creative concepting for that. HOORAY!

Mostly, though, it’s because what I’ve been writing instead of blog posts, and besides the plans for my upcoming website writing course (so exciting!) and the new client pitches, is another kind of writing that I simply adore: creative writing.

I love my creative writing time. It’s been a while since I made any time for it at all, and the past few weeks, I have made a lot of time. But something has to give for me to do that. I decided to ease up on my posting plans for this space and here are the results:

1. I have returned to journaling, and found a welcome respite from the need to work out sadness and/or anger from the death of my mom earlier this year. Phew! Word: there really are stages of grief. Moving through/past them, I have found a treasure trove of wonderful, warm memories. Actually, many hot ones from the old kitchens I loved as a girl.

So I started to share those with this personal essay/memoir on Medium:
The Kitchen is Clean, I Put on a Dress, Let’s Dance. 

Life is a Journey pen to Zen

My grandma making peanut butter balls at age 93. Almost 6 years ago.      (She’s still around.)

Writing that was so joyful for me, I’ve decided to create a series. I hope you enjoy it, too. I think you will. If you belong to Medium, will you please recommend it and leave a comment for me?

While there, check out another memoir about my 98 year old grandma, Faye.
Thank you!

2. I have revisited the novel I started to write 3 years ago then abandoned after about 6 months. My inspirations for doing so have been:

a) My longtime writer friend, pen pal, and long distance confident who lives halfway across the world, who thinks my novel idea is one of the best story ideas ever. He has much better taste, and judgment, than I do.

b) Steven Pressfield, who gave me the Foolscap Method (I call it a legal pad) and so much other motivation through his weekly writing over the last many months, and

c) Kevin Johns, an online peer and friend who has published an excellent book, The Novel Writer’s Blueprint, which really does offer a blueprint that I can use to get my novel finished in a reasonable amount of time, as a part time novelist on the side. At least, I can envision how it can be done, and done well. Plus, he has done it, using his model, so there you go.

3. I played around making social media posts and designs that I hoped would have an impact on people’s hearts and minds. I want my writing to reach real people, authentically, even in business mode.

Every once in a while it happens to me, so I want to make sure every once in a while I hit up others with a shout out from my virtual rooftop; a message from my heart. It takes extra time in one way but in another way, no, we make our own time, right?

Did you see this one of mine recently?

It has the answer to the trick question in the post title.

Let me give you a gift pen to Zen

If you haven’t figured out my stance yet, I think neither your writing, nor your business is more important than your connection to your joy and purpose. For me, it’s about family, helping others, emotional depth and beauty, and expressive personal adventure.

I get a good measure of that through my writing and my business. What a gift.
That’s why I try to take good care of these things: it’s because they matter to me.

Thank you for being part of what matters to me.


4 Responses to Your Business or Your Writing: Which Matters More? (HINT: trick question)

  1. Darren Stehle September 13, 2014 at 8:22 am #

    Great post, Faith. I think I also need to return to journalling. And meditation! HA! It’s funny how the things that support us can give us stress when trying to figure out when we can add them into our day…

    • Faith Watson September 13, 2014 at 10:20 am #

      Thanks Darren. You’re right–I think I need to meditate on when I can make more time for meditation…

  2. Catherine September 16, 2014 at 9:02 am #

    I’m so looking forward to chatting with you this evening for Ottawa Writes, Faith. This is just the sort of thing I’m curious to dig into.

    • Faith Watson September 17, 2014 at 7:25 am #

      Catherine, I loved our chat and can’t wait to listen back to us on the Ottawa Writes podcast. I hope I’m not the only guest to feel that way, seems a little self indulgent…but it’s fun! When my daughter was a little girl, we would video tape and she’d immediately want to put the tape in and watch herself. They’d all been taped since birth and loved watching those family movies. She called them “baby movies.” So on every tape, there is Sam saying, in age appropriate language, “I watch baby movie, Mama?” So cute. Now I say to you, “I listen to me talking a lot?” :-D

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