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Pen to Zen helps marketers create meaningful, motivating messages, and write authentic, smart copy for their businesses.


Faith Watson pen to Zen

Welcome! I’m Faith.

The most effective messaging comes from a magical place we all can access.
It’s where you bring your true promise to meet your audience where they live, work and dream.

I’ll take you there. In marketing, it’s where copy speaks to the heart and captures the mind.


There will be results.

We’ll use an intentional, personalized process to find the words that connect what you offer to real people who need it. We can do this in as little as one hour in a copy-coaching call. I do larger projects, too. Review some samples.


The Zen part:

Bring me your writing problems. I’ll bring you peace. You can hire my pen to make things easier on yourself, or take me up on free advice–
Start with the power of self-editing and learn to become a CopyMaster.

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“Faith, I’m very happy with these results. It’s just what I was hoping for! I feel so much more confident about the copy on my site.”           ~Nathan Liao, Founder & CEO, Snippefy & CMA Coach
“…SOOO much good stuff and thinking, regarding flow and all. Comprehensive, carefully crafted and thought-through, my mission and message. Am still savoring it all… Big nod of gratitude and namaste!”  ~Annette Tersigni, RN, Founder of YogaNursing™
“Faith…This platform is amazing! So inspiring for me to read! Just have to say you have been amazing to work with and I will absolutely refer everyone I can to you!”  ~Sage, brilliant entrepreneur building new brand empires to launch as we sleep.