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Early Parenthood Support

As Dr. Jessica Michaelson prepared to relaunch, she was struggling with her copy for the most important areas of her website. She had already revised her home page several times and never felt satisfied. She wondered if her messaging could be holding her back from attracting and converting more of the right clients for her special brand of early parenthood coaching.

Actually, Dr. Jessica had the right ideas (of course she did, she’s brilliant!) about what needed to be said to prospective clients. But her thoughts needed a clear marketing voice–one that would speak the language of tired, worried, frustrated, ambitious and/or busy parents as soon as they landed on the site or viewed her offerings.

First, we worked on a big, bold new headline to support her tagline and her brand promise (see above.) Next, we directed messages at four audience segments on the home page (at bottom). While she still created an opt-in offer based on research (her forte), we made sure to package it  for people who want help now! Also, her services are more clearly outlined, with tons of benefits, and the choices to work with Dr. Jessica are expanding, too.

Two before shots of the Early Parenthood Support website (click to expand):

Early Parenthood b4 pen to ZenEarly Parenthood before pen to Zen

Below is an after shot of the EPS home page. Click here to visit the site.

(The beautiful new website was designed by We Do WordPress)

Early Parenthood after pen to Zen