Writing and Editing Tips and Tricks 2017 Refresh

So, do I need to write the obligatory January post as blog that offers tips and tricks about what’s new with writing and editing for 2017?

I don’t know, I mean…honestly, the advice I’ve valued most in my profession doesn’t really change each year. Yes, trends and tricks may come and go, especially online. But the best basics? I find them to be mostly evergreen.

Besides, we know how subjective this topic of “how to write” is. And how our offering (even if it’s advice) is ideally targeted. For example, on this site, I write conversationally yet instructionally. :-) But if you peek at my work on business writing, or personal development, you’ll see different approaches those spaces. As it should be. Different readers, different intentions.

Still, I do use (and reccommend) the same mantra, whatever we write: be authentic. And make sure it’s meaningful to the audience. Give the people what they need.

In keeping with that, I don’t have a ton of new stuff to offer for 2017 — but I do want to refresh our memories about some past lessons from my own work, and I have a couple of great pieces to share from others I admire as well.

1. First, there’s the business end of writing. We all need to get this right. Here’s a super quick read that will help you boost the quality of your business writing today:

Instantly Improve Your Writing with 9 Easy Edits

2. Next, there’s the ever-important topic of writing benefits copy and value propositions… what’s the difference and how do you write those? If you’re marketing anything, you need to know:

Benefits Copy vs. Value Proposition

3. If what you need is a simple small business website, check out this post on writing clean, clear copy:

Write Clean, Clean Copy: It’s like a poop-free lawn.

4. Then there’s the dream (and smart biz move), write a book & self-publish it. What? How? Keep it simple, okay? Here’s one of mine, and one from my friend Teresa at thesimplerweb.com:

Simple Steps to Make it Easier to Write a Book for Your Business

The Simpler Web: How to Self-Publish a Book the Easy Way

5. We must read Steven Pressfield’s perspective and advice on how writer’s are artists as well as entrepreneurs:

Writer = Entrepreneur

Tips and tricks can be fun and useful, but it’s comforting to remember that once you know them, you know them. I just wanted to pop in and share a few that I like a lot. Hope they help! Let me know…shoot me a note or any questions at faithw[at]pentozen[dot]com


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