Zen and The Art of Writing Your Website

A lot of people get stuck on the job of writing all the copy on their website. Others put it up the best they can, but never get around to giving it the focused attention it deserves. Some don’t finish. Some settle for so-so, and then wonder what they’re missing.

That’s why I’m creating A Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting a Website that Works Wonders.Zen website writing guide
I help those people all the time. If that’s you, too, you’re in the right place.

The guide will be ready before 2014 is over, in just weeks!

Sign up if you want full, but not overwhelming, lessons on writing your website–from your navigation labels and tagline, to your check out and contact processes, and all the pages in between.

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The guide comes in an easy-to-read pdf, with worksheets to help you focus, and even some videos to show you how it all plays out visually on a site. Here is the Table of Contents:

Zen and the Art of Writing Your Website
A Step-by-Step to Crafting a Site That Works Wonders

  • Lesson 1–Master of Your Domain: Communications Platform/Voice
  •    Bonus Lesson 1a–Taglining Your site
  •    Bonus Lesson 1b–Navigation (and Calls to Action)
  • Lesson 2–There’s No Place Like Homepage
  •    Bonus Lesson 2a–Opt-In Offer
  •    Bonus Lesson 2b-Widgets, Sidebar & Footer Items
  • Lesson 3–At Your Services Page
  •    Bonus Lesson 3a–Client Intake Experience
  • Lesson 4–Landing on Your Product(s) Page
  •    Bonus Lesson 4a–Checkout Experience
  • Lesson 5–All About Your About Page
  •    Bonus Lesson 5a–Testimonials
  • Lesson 6–Presenting Your Blog/Articles
  • Lesson 7–Work Works for Your Resources Page
  • Lesson 8–Start to Finish Copy for Your Start Page
  • Lesson 9–You’re Not Done Until You Make Contact

Good news: this is a WORKING course. You won’t just be learning, you’ll be doing.

When you’re done (in a jiffy) you’ll have written a website that works wonders.

Want to write your website in a week or less? Get on the list. Early bird notice will close soon.