Write to Inspire (or Try Not to Be a Stick)

Ah the 3-word headline–if I’m making a living as a copywriter, there must be some of those in me somewhere, right? I’ve been writing some pretty deep stuff lately, yet there’s more to my act than that.

So, I can be brief. Whatevs. What matters is… well, what matters to you?

See, that’s the trick. What matters to you needs to matter to me more than anything. Or I’m in the wrong business.

People think a copywriter is a wordsmith. While there is a certain skill in that regard, the real work in writing like we do (to attract people’s attention and sell them stuff) is in understanding them, caring about them, and connecting with them.

Anyone can learn to speak a language.

It’s much harder to say “I love you.”

That might seem like overkill for the needs of good marketing copy, but think about it: how many things do you read (websites, emails, blogs, etc.) that you end up “loving?”

When that happens, it’s because you feel the love, I guarantee it. That’s what inspires you to act–to read, click, open, share, buy comment. To laugh. To remember.

I’ve been editing a lot of copy for friends lately, removing lines that are more about what they are assuming than what the reader might be feeling.

Changing things like “you need an expert like me” to “don’t worry, I can help.” Cutting things like “make your next party a success with a professional chef instead of trying to do it on your own.”  (Wait–did my last party suck?)

I’ve been reminding my friends that they want to serve clients when the clients are ready, which might not be in 3 DAYS when this OFFER EXPIRES so they better HURRY or they’ll MISS OUT and be like other businesses that FAIL because they DON’T WANT TO INVEST…

Try to be a tree.

I love my pop culture. Years ago when I saw this pic on the internet

Church of the Latter Day Dude pen to zen

I shared it with everyone, and knew I’d never forget it. Here it is, back again. Doesn’t even matter if you don’t know “The Big Lebowski” reference… I think you get the idea.

I said try not to be a stick in my headline to avoid being a dick myself, and a therefore a hypocrite, with my own words. I don’t want to be all judgy of my readers or use an attention-getting penile tactic to get you to read.

I want to inspire you. A stick pokes, prodding a person, jarring them to move. That’s irritating at best. I encourage you not to be a stick when you write.

Instead, be a tree. Offer shade for your readers to catch a break under or a majestic view to aspire to. Grow fruit for them, let them pick their own.

Trees dance, and grow, and everybody loves ’em.

I teach you all this in my eBook, The 30-Minute CopyMaster. I wish you’d order it (free), it can help you do you better business. I don’t send many emails, but you will get some extra related tips on occasion, as I am inspired!




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