Write Clear, Clean Copy–It’s Like a Poop-Free Lawn

If you have a business and you do your own marketing, you might have some of the same copy problems my most recent client. Michael at EntreManure had recently acquired poopfreelawns. com. Let me start by pointing out that this domain name is great–so easy to understand what the business does for the customer.

But the website needed a makeover to fix a few common issues:

  1. It didn’t look or sound professional
  2. The essential information was littered through too many webpages
  3. The copy was actually more about the company than the customer

Teresa at thesimplerweb.com started the redesign with what we feel is the best approach for an indie small business website: a straightforward, appealing design and easy navigation, combined with a simple platform for the self-employed to manage the site themselves. Michael is using WordPress. Another wonderful choice is Squarespace, which can be even simpler for a self-managed site.

What was still missing was clear, customer-focused messaging.

Website copy delivers information, education and/or inspiration. It works best when it’s clearly presented, with an eye on what potential customers will want, and want to know. The existing site missed on most of that.

Michael intended to handle this rewrite on his own, but he was just too crunched for time. So Teresa called on me. While I’ve never done business in this particular market space, it pretty much just flowed (it’s getting tough to avoid puns here, by the way, but I”m trying…a little).

Fun, Meaningful Messaging

This website was fun to write because the benefits are so obvious and what’s being sold here is not a complex offering. A lot like dogs. :-)  The copy quickly addresses the MITs (Most Important Things), including “WIIFM” (what’s in it for me) and “Why EntreManure?” (vs. doing it myself or not doing it at all). It’s both enjoyable and it serves a purpose. A lot like a backyard. :-)

Below are a couple of before and after screenshots. You can write copy like this, and design a nice little site of your own, with our Make a Tiny Website guidebook. For this project, I followed the guide’s writing chapters, did the worksheets, and then handed the completed copy over within just a couple of days.

Or, if you want to elevate your web presence to help your business grow, but don’t want to write your own copy, you might like Pen to ZEN in 3 Days, the service Michael took advantage of.

So, there you go, that’s the scoop, as they say… ;-)

Before on top. After on bottom:
poopfreelawns-1 poopfreelawns-2 poopside-1 poopsite-2


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