Why I Don’t Write Short Posts Like Seth Godin to Publish More Often

If you’re doing any online marketing like I am, then I’m sure you’ve read plenty of advice about publishing more blog posts to grow your audience or hopefully get noticed by search engine(s). One tip I’m always attracted to is to blog Seth Godin style: short and sweet (and smart).

I’m smart. I’m sweet. Why don’t I write short posts, so I can put out more? I mean put more out there?

The Quickie vs. the Tantric

See, I’m sexy, too.

I also tend toward the… ahem… long form.

Not all my posts are epic, or giant, but most of them are definitely not short.

It’s not for want of trying. I did this one, where I intended to answer a common question I get, real quickie-like:
Ask the CopyMaster: Benefits Copy vs. Value Proposition

But you know what? Keeping that short isn’t going to work for my audience. Sure, I could define the difference and stop there (always leave them wanting more?) but I can’t help but KNOW that when they ask, they really want to KNOW. A short definition is great for other blogs, with other readers, on other topics, but not mine.

I mean, this isn’t the difference between chocolate and mocha, right? We can just say one has coffee.

But actually, if pressed, I would say benefits copy is chocolate and promise of value is coffee so value proposition is mocha.

And that is why I don’t write short posts Seth Godin style. Though, I love that guy.

Dear pen to ZEN reader,

I think I’m too sexy for short posts.

But, like the beloved Quickie, hopefully this one tides you over until I can deliver something more invovled. Maybe with feathers and stuff.

I’m sorry I’ve been making you wait, but I have felt like I don’t have anything new to say about marketing copy lately., that will totally help you. At least, not that you can’t find elsewhere…

IS THAT TRUE? Comment below or write me like you always do but at my new addy: faithw [at] pentozen [dot] com.

Stay authentic, Grasshopper. I promise it pays off in the long run. Keeping it short is one thing, shortchanging your people is another.

2 Responses to Why I Don’t Write Short Posts Like Seth Godin to Publish More Often

  1. Halina Goldstein May 16, 2015 at 2:17 pm #

    Yeah, so, people post more blog posts to grow their audience and to be visible on search engines…. which is great marketing I’m sure. But does it serve their audience? Does it serve them?

    I’m sick and tired of (and I unsubscribe) even from the most wonderful (and I mean it) blogs that literally are bombarding me with amazing advise daily. Or more. If they care about their audience why don’t they let us digest their wonderful stuff??

    I don’t even know if you post regularly, Faith. And I don’t care. I know that when you post it’s because you have something to say. And the other way round. And I also know that next time I need help with marketing copy I’ll reach out to you. That’s all I need to know.

    • Faith Watson May 17, 2015 at 8:29 am #

      Halina, I don’t think we could agree more! You are like a superfan to me lol: thank you for believing in what I write/think/do.

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