Copywriting Services

Searching for the right words?

Pen to Zen helps entrepreneurs & small business owners solve writing problems with a focused, audience-centered process in a day, overnight or in 3 days.

If your project is larger or more strategic than what fits inside of a few days, I’ll consult on a package that will work “As You Need It.”
You’ll be amazed by what we get done, joining my senior level skills and creativity with your in-depth knowledge of your market.

Your messaging will be meaningful, fast. Your authentic copy will win you true fans.

How the Magic Happens…
  • I only choose to help a few select clients at one time
  • You and I make sure we’re a good fit for your specific needs
  • It’s like a focused workshop; we partner on your project, for your purpose
  • You’re fully invested in your messaging strategy–as you should be

“I updated my site with your copy changes. I LIKE it. A lot. I don’t see anything I can improve on.
I can’t wait to start sending it to people!”  ~Ed Mochrie,
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Pen to Zen Services

Pen to Zen In a Day…live copy coaching

After answering a few questions via email, we schedule a in-depth, hands-on coaching call. Book me for $99
We’re literally done with your project in 1 Day. You’re unstuck, refreshed, and excited to move forward.

  • Jumpstarts  For example: You need a creative concept, web page outline, or a mission statement
  • Critical Fixes  For example: You need a killer subtitle for your ebook; your home page needs editing
  • Copy Sweeps  For example: You need a better opt-in offer; your sales letter is out of date

Pen to Zen ServicesPen to Zen Overnight

After answering a few questions via email, we have a phone chat and pick the date.  Book me for $249
We’re done with your project in under 2 days. Secured by a full revision round on Day 2, you’re all set.

  • Web Page  For example: You need a new home page or a squeeze page; you’re adding Services or Resources
  • Copy Makeovers  For example: You have a big sales page or product launch copy that needs a total do-over
  • Brand Messaging  For example: You need a perfect tagline to launch, or new names for your product/service offerings

“I’m really happy with the new home page, and am now starting to strategize traffic building.
I knew my site needed a message and personality, and I’m so glad I reached out.”  ~Gillian Duffy, The Global Bookshelf

Pen to Zen ServicesPen to Zen In 3 Days

After an email Q & A session, we have a phone start-up and set goals & strategy.  Book me for $449
We dig in, decide, do, and we are done in 3 days. Rest easy with 2 revisions and final proofing peace.

  • From Scratch  For example: You have a new site, new product or new business, so you need core messaging
  • Linked Pages  For example: Your growing site has a lot of sections, buttons and links, so you need cohesive copy & CTAs
  • Brand New  For example: You need to settle on a name, domain, tagline, so you need full creative & strategic help, fast

Pen to Zen ServicesPen to Zen As You Need It

After an email Q & A session, we have a phone start-up and set goals.
We figure your needs and our timing based the above, then we collaborate on your special stuff. Quote per project.

Why a custom option? Maybe you have a lot of work that we need to break down into prioritized deliverables.
Or perhaps you need brainstorming and conceptual work, or extra research for a tricky market. This takes more time and experience.


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Or, keep writing on your own, but get better at it faster with free help from my eBook, The 30-Minute CopyMaster