Resource Page

This resource page is a work in progress. It features:
  • Links to great sites and people who can help you
  • Satisfying products you should check out
  • Books and events that could change your life

1. I am a resource! Writing my name and tagline was a peaceful, easy process. Like the feeling you get when you listen to the Eagles. Let’s work on your project and get it done in a day. Email me for more info. on how to go from pen to Zen for only $99:

2. My website is plain–that’s because I do it myself and I don’t know how to design anything. But you should see my Twitter pagemy Facebook page, and my business cards! All snazzy, yet Zenlike, uniquely my own, and all done by Business Republic. Omar and Nicole are wonderful to work with. I’ll do more with them as my design needs grow and you should too, because as they would say, they really know their shit!

3. I’ve loved my Nook Simple Touch for a long time. I read paper books, and was in no rush to get a Kindle. My main use for an eReader is vacation & in the yard, so when I learned the Nook was better for reading in the sun, I thought, okay that might be nice. And it was. I’m never hankering for another device. BUT, now that the Nook HD tablet is selling out so reasonably, I feel everyone might want to get one.

Save up to $120 on NOOK HD Tablets, best price ever – Now extended! That’s $129 & 149 for Nook HD tablets? Crazy. As a backup, for your kids, for your parents even if they aren’t super savvy… load some awesome books, movies and simple games to keep in a guest room. B&N has great customer service in my experience, both in-store and with my Nook. I became an affiliate because of it, and we do our college textbooks through them, too. (So if you go for it, please use that link above.) :-)

4. This might be the mac daddy of all journaling resources online–thus the perfect name Journal Daddy. Whether you need to keep bossy business records, sketch your creative ideas, or just  jumble up your journals like I do, this site has references for your every notebook need. It’s amazing how much is there–including me! Have a look!

5. I have so many types, it’s hard to recommend specific notebooks, but here’s one for starters: these slim Moleskine journals. I bought a 3-pack, and am using two–one for pen to Zen site planning, the other for “unjournaling,” my way to stop journaling To-Do lists and instead write about what I’ve done that was enough. The third one I haven’t started yet… also a nice feeling. This size is big enough for full ideas, but easy to take anywhere.

6. My favorite writing utensil is not for everyone. As many who have picked up my Sharpie Pen to borrow it have told me. (It’s because they hold their pen at an angle, instead of perpendicular to the paper, like I do naturally.) But when I read the reviews of others, I see I am not alone in my love of this fine-tipped marker. Which doesn’t bleed through paper. But it does kinda show if the paper is thin.. And, I wish these lasted longer. STILL love them best, though.

7. If you like to write things down and work them out, keep a travel journal, food journal, diary, personal essays, etc…. you should join the live Twitter chat on a variety of topics related to journaling, each Sunday, at #JournalChat. Your host is Dawn Herring, and here is a link to some transcripts and info. about her, her websites, and her Twitter chat.