Bootstrapped Magazine pen to Zen

Bootstrapped Magazine (The Creative Entrepreneur)

The flagship issue of The Creative Entrepreneur (now known as Bootstrapped Magazine) premiered in January 2014, featuring advice, insight and stories that help entrepreneurs learn from the best in the world. I’m flattered to be among the roster of contributors which includes people like Steven Pressfield, John Lee Dumas, Dan Adams, John Corcoran, and dozens more.

This magazine is a tremendous value–donate what you want to subscribe, and a portion of the proceeds support entrepreneurs in developing countries.

Plus, you’ll get to read my article: Tag, it’s YOU: How to Write the One Marketing Line that Perfectly Defines Your Work

Check it out here, via Insurgent Publishing. If some of that sales page copy sounds familiar, it’s because owner Tom Morkes asked for pen to Zen help with that, too.