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Snippefy iOS App

Nathan Liao realized that the most important content in his ebooks was the highlights and notes he wanted to access on the go and even send to others. But it wasn’t easy to do, and certainly not whenever he chose, since there was no app for that. So, he created it: Snippefy, the app for iPhones and iPads that lets you read and share your Kindle highlights and notes, all in one place.

When Snippefy was in development, I helped Nathan settle on his highly differentiating, yet features-driven tagline/headline, specifically crafted to appeal to the readers that will comprise his audience. Then, we brought the web page copy from pen to Zen, giving each Snippefy feature its own benefits-rich copy within a storyline that flows through the user’s experience. Before/Beta Stage: Remember, apps are used by people with personalities–copy needs life and bullets need benefits! before pen to Zen before pen to Zen after pen to Zen

After: The image suggests quantity of real life use to a universal reading demographic.

snippefy after pen to Zen

After: Direct contact info. and use of conversational language gives a flat app some promise and depth.