Physicians Interactive pen to Zen

Physicians Interactive

Physicians Interactive (PI) offers the life science industry a low-cost, virtual, multi-channel marketing approach for both current and orphaned products that deliver benefits to both physicians and patients. A key focus is providing services via technology that fit into healthcare professionals’ daily workflow at the point-of-care when they make diagnosis, treatment and prescribing decisions. PI is backed by the venture capital arm of Merck, and has offices in Illinois, San Francisco, Paris and Mumbai.

PI began by contracting with me for several articles for its MarketFlash Newsletter. This one on how mobile apps and technology can aid medication adherance returned PI’s highest inquiry/response rate to date.

Projects then expanded to press releases, ghostwriting trade articles for company executives, and being the lead writer on the team assigned to develop the white paper, “Creating New Operating Value through Late Lifecycle Brands.” You may register at the company website to download a copy of this whitepaper, linked below.