Writing Course Faith Watson

Effective Business Writing Online Course

I designed and created an online course for GoSkills.com, an education provider specializing in personalized coursework for professional development via essential business skills. We know business writing is one of THE most essential business skills one can own, so I am thrilled to be able present the course. I wrote every lesson script, exercise, cheat sheet and quiz.

It offers 23 modules featuring video tutorial, covering all the basics anyone at any level of any organization will need to become effective with written (online and on paper) communication in the professional environment. This is the kind of essential information needed to help progress a career, motivate a team, connect employees to managers, and have a positive impact on customers and revenues.

Take a look for yourself–GoSkills is a fantastic company, and the material is quite valuable for the price (if I do say so myself)! Click to visit the website and peruse through the full course. You can even try a few lessons for free–I recommend the basic business letter: a bit of a lost art, but a vital skill for jobseekers and entrepreneurs alike.