DeVry University

As Senior Copywriter, I helped develop a breadth of content, digital and print, for owned and paid media to bring two new iterations of the DVU brand messaging to life. First, the Different On Purpose campaign, and second for the current Forever Forward campaign centered on tech-infused education. I’ve touched nearly every kind of project for the creative, communications, social media and brand activation teams at DeVry, and also was a key team member in the launch of a new corporate partnership division called DeVryWORKS.

Concepts, copy and content created for:

  • Re-skin of all webpages, lead generation collateral, admissions materials, and collateral for our career services and workforce solutions divisions
  • New product naming initiatives, tagline explorations and complete content guides for Integrated Marketing Campaigns
  • Short-form copy for online ads, outdoor advertising, email drip campaigns, on-campus signage, student- and colleague-facing communications
  • Long-form copy for blog posts, video scripts, campus events, brochures, newsletters
  • Creative explorations, for which I presented creative work to executive decision-makers and supported concept strategies with creative rationale

What a pleasure to have played an integral role helping DeVry hone and share its messages about preparing for what’s next and the exciting benefits of higher education for our non-traditional, highly-motivated working adult students. The work I’ve competed here is so vast…here are some links to get you started: