bem wireless pen to zen

bem wireless

This project began with the initial branding of a new consumer electronics company launching with portable wireless Bluetooth® speakers. They were coming later to a saturated market, with very good, but not elite, products.

The language inherited from bem’s early packaging and web writing efforts felt forced, directed to a young, tech-oriented demographic. We weren’t super edgy with an urban rap or rocker image like established competitors. And we didn’t intend to compete head-to-head with the big guys on specs. So I drew up a brand platform to include special features and benefits of value for those (not audiophiles) who would love wireless audio that was simple, clever, discreet, and new.

Marketing the speakers on their own merit, to people who needed their hands free and wanted a personal soundtrack of music in their lives, easily and affordably, was the answer. Found them in bakers, crafters, campers, teachers, personal trainers, gamers, dorm residents, salon owners, mechanics, etc. Tagline came quickly after for bem wireless: be more free.

Before bem premiered at the International CES show in Vegas eight weeks later, I helped create and promote their launch event which featured the chiptunes band, I Fight Dragons, playing through bem wireless boom boxes (click to enlarge invite below). I also wrote all the base pages for their original site, and began their PR campaign to get online reviews from sources ranging from CNET, to travel and mommy blogs, to the Philip DeFranco Show on YouTube. They were off and running after the trade show and I was on to my next client.

bem wireless CES event invite