ATT Kenichi invite

AT&T Global Network

Being an approved vendor in marketing communications for a Fortune 10 – 20 company makes me proud. Seeing the services, events and programs I’ve been supporting for the Alternate Channels Business Marketing division, I’m certain new growth is always in the works.

So, yeah. AT&T is really big. The company, its partnerships, and its business units form a reach that is far more vast than I would have imagined if I wasn’t already a regular in the world of B2B marketing in wireless technology. So, it’s quite refreshing, working on projects involving live events, surveys and promotions of real people, by real people, for real people. Yep, behemouth corporations have them too.

This event, for which I wrote this invitation and the subsequent call for 60-second Talent Show bits from the attending reps, hints at how that works. They get together, talk, share and reward. Thank you AT&T for allowing ACC Business to grow with you and shine alongside you. I guess you really did Rethink Possible.