How Guacamole is Holy and Other Sacred Everyday Inspirations


Holy guacamole, sacred inspiration? Pass the chips.

I’ve recently been concerned that I might be overinspired.

I’m putting that gently now, because I’m past the self-critical mini-crisis I caused myself by incessantly revisiting the notion that I’m not getting anywhere with my current projects and longer term goals because I’m too caught up in a giant learning curve and far too distracted by… everything (I call it twirling).

It happens. It’s not completely true, either. I’m getting somewhere; I’m just getting impatient. I might be a bit too distracted, but honestly, I’ve accomplished a ton. I might wander off-track but I’m discovering like crazy, too.

So what’s wrong with being so inspired? Why be so hard on myself? Why twirl?

I dunno. Honestly, when I accept my natural state and stop wrestling with it, I realize it’s only me causing myself distress. I’m routinely inspired. How can that be bad?

Routine Inspiration: Oxymoron? Maybe. But it’s the source of my near-constant creative refueling. As well as what almost took me down with suffering due to judgements I was making about my own timing, expectations and flow.
Lesson: There are things so basic and beautiful available to me, all the time, they should be recognized. Enjoyed. Honored. Used. Shared. They are holy.

I don’t need to twirl when I can live my life knowing what I can count on for routine inspiration. And neither do you.

Journal Time: What is Holy?

I decided to explore this idea by first thinking about holy or sacred things most of us can identify with–church, temple or mosque services, meditation, prayer, things of that nature. I went a little more specific then, and came up with offerings in the basket, holy water, blessed foods, communion, the Tibetan Khata offering scarf, a rosary, a prayer book–items that represent meaningful practices for the devout.

That made me think of people. WHO is holy? From the Dalai Lama to Mother Theresa, my list might have been quite long. But my journaling included: babies.

Babies are holy, I believe, for the same reasons monks, priests and shaman are. They are meant to be trusted, they bring lessons of life and love. Babies are as basic and needed as they are mysteriously wonderous. They remind us of miracles.

Babies are holy. And so it began in earnest. What is holy:

  1. Can be counted on, is accessible, is connected to us, can be enjoyed.
  2. Is in one way fleeting and won’t be held in time; yet also enduring and eternal.
  3. Is beautiful, moving, delicious, extraordinary–delivers on its notable role.
  4. Begins with a basic universal premise, but has a customizable relationship with the experiencer.

How Guacamole is Holy

I make really great guacamole. Have for 35 years. As a teen I worked in restaurants with Cubans and Mexicans and they were making it for us before it was in fashion. I experimented and now I have my way. I hate when people ask for the recipe.

Not because I’m a recipe snob but because I really don’t do recipes very well. I was raised by cooks and we cook by eye and by taste. However. I’ve made an exception here. Because guacamole is holy. MY guac is, especially.

It’s been around forever, with origins taught to me via authentic connections that can’t be duplicated from long ago (fleeting), but which came from generations of culture before (enduring). It’s quite yummy, and who doesn’t want it wherever we go?

Guacamole always begins with ripe avocados. You can count on that. It will always be good for you and it will always taste and look like that green mash with my standard preparation, tomatoes and cilantro and onions, etc. So rich, I and other loved ones could eat it for our meal. A couple of secret spices and a list of possible add-ins make THIS guacamole holier than ever.

Because what is more sacred than a special twist on something that was so great you could count on it for routine inspiration already? Nothin’. But also holy are:

  • Babies (as mentioned, fleeting, miraculous, universal)
  • A sunset (or sunrise–how will you enjoy this beauty?)
  • Certain songs, compositions or albums (this is personal)
  • Broken-in jeans that fit just right (do they still exist?)
  • A wedding (seems obvious, but it’s why you smile & cry)
  • The perfect pen for your writing style (can be cheap)
  • A chunky sturdy spiral notebook (taking notes now?)
  • Guacamole (avocados, tradition, creativity, nourishment)

Journaling a list of what you find holy is an excellent way to remind yourself of everyday inspirations you can rely on when you feel your creative juice running low. Whether you need an emotional lift or a brainstorming spark for your next video campaign, there are few things more moving than universally sacred themes.

What is holy to you? Comment below, I’d love to get a big list going!

P.S. There’s only one way to get my exclusive Holy Guacamole recipe–sign up for the email list in the sidebar at right. I worked hard to put in on paper, so you better enjoy!

photo by: stu_spivack

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