If Buddha Was Your Editor

In business, writing is part of life. And the writing life sometimes causes suffering–especially for busy people, new start-ups and non-writers. It’d be nice to have a Master to guide you through your dilemmas. Like a Buddha.

Going from pen to Zen can be as simple as taking 30 minutes to apply advice to help you end…

  • Worries about words: Do they sell, do they sizzle, do they sing & are you ever done writing?
  • Fussing over fundamentals: If you’re guessing, it’s tough to get anything off the ground.
  • Back and forth with branding: It’s a lot of pressure, trying to perfectly express your passion.

Who knew a cool old monk would have real working answers for entrepreneurs’ everyday problems? (Well, I kinda did. With a name like pen to Zen and all.)

I bring up the Buddha because he happened to teach a practical approach to dealing with suffering, which we can also use to master issues with marketing copy. I’ve used it to fix clients’ work for years, and now I’ve written an instructive eBook that I want you to have, so you can learn how to transform your writing experience and your results.

It’s a thorough look at how you can improve your copy, for the long term, by seeing it from other perspectives–just like I do when I edit for clients. Also, it teaches you to write what you mean, authentically and effectively.

You’ll learn how to do your own copy “sweep” with three unexpected, powerful tools (generosity, compassion and wisdom) to connect meaning to your marketing messages. Once you do,

You’ll Be a CopyMaster

  • You’ll understand why your writing felt “off”
  • The messaging for your brand will truly shine
  • Your copy will attract true fans, not just quick clicks

Which is valuable when you still have a lot of work to do–in business, writing is a part of life.

Before enlightenment; chop wood, carry water.
After enlightenment; chop wood, carry water.  ~Zen Proverb

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