Confessions of a Copywriter Gone Crazy

Most of my readers and clients have businesses to not only launch or build (how exciting!) but also to provide income that determines many aspects of their lifestyle (getting cooler)… and some even have businesses to keep afloat or that are gasping for breath (potential buzzkill).

Guess what? Me too. Though I often think like a teacher, write like a friend, and post like a blogger, I do have a real-life copywriting business and brand communications consultancy. I run a portion of it right here from I also work as a freelancer for corporate clients.

Like many of my readers and clients, I have a lot of writing to do. Business writing, blog writing, guest post writing, social media writing and a LOT of copywriting.

So, you too, right? For most of us, writing is part of our daily business lives.

The copy we write might be high-level brand marketing and strategic communications like creating our positioning statements, naming new products, or coming up with taglines.

The copy we write might be more functional, like when we’re cranking out instructions for our how-to or deciding on our navigation labels.

And the copy we write might be more expressive, creative or inspirational. Like when we’re laboring over our epic posts or delivering email newsletters.

But no matter what, all that copy we write must get written. So. How you doin’?

I hope things are stellar! But, if copy you write isn’t everything you wish, I’m offering a 30-minute consult on any of your pages or projects (no charge) in a one-on-one call. I’ll edit for you, offer general feedback, or answer questions oh any challenges you’re facing. Why free consults? Read on, and get more details on that offer below!

Cuckoo for Copy Points

Here’s my story outline (up to the part where I might go insane). See if you find any similarities to your own reflected in it:

  1. I love to write
  2. I am good at writing
  3. Now I am doing something I love and am good at, for a living
  4. I share my gift of writing with others
  5. I offer my services as a writer, for paid compensation
  6. Some individuals and companies pay me to write for them
  7. Also, many others don’t pay me or stop paying me
  8. I must write to earn more, but I must find more people to pay me
  9. I must write about myself, and about writing, to attract prospects
  10. I must teach people why writing matters, and how I’m good at it
  11. Repeat 4 – 10 as much as possible; this is a business-doing cycle
  12. Number 1 is waning, due to 11. Thereby damaging 3…
  13. Though I know I keep improving, I might be going crazy. And broke.

Are We Struggling?

Here’s what has happened to me. ME! The Pro Writer:

Crazy Copywriter pen to Zen

Me. Not so crazy after all.

In July, I only posted twice here on pen to Zen. That’s because I was out of town, doing important, enjoyable things for about three weeks. So, okay. I know what’s important to me. I can’t always do business writing and travel for family and pleasure at same time.

I had hoped to get ahead on writing, for posts, social media and email too. But I never did, because in June, I had extra client work to get ahead on. I did meet those deadlines so I could get away for a nice July.

Now that I’m trying to “catch up,” I see how behind I am.

See, I didn’t do work on my business, and I took off from work in my business. Double ouch, for us solopreneurs. Can I get a witness? It’s like when I used to tend bar, and be asked out to a concert or some other fun event. I’d have to pay for the thing and not get paid for taking off to go to the thing. It cost double.

For you, if you’re counting on money from your own business, it might look like this: you need to write your opt-in offer and your eBook but you have to redesign the page you’re putting them on but your kid got sick or you did. You did your blog post about writing your book while your kid was sick but you never got that offer done. Or the Tweets about it.

Next week you will. But in the meantime, no new book sign-ups, which sells your system…

Coming to Our Senses

For me, time off meant no clients to bill in July, so nothing is coming in for a while, except bills. Although: I have a lot of exciting talks planned with several of you in the next few weeks!! Woot! Let’s stay positive, grasshoppers.

When you go out for a long hike from your campsite and don’t stoke the flames of your fire, they tend to die back a bit. It can be chilly upon your return. Like when I saw how many Twitter “followers” dropped off my list after my trip, I was irritated for a minute.  Heck–a girl can’t take a vacation without a robot dumping her from a bunch of make-believe Twitter lists.

I don’t really care, but I wanted to point it out: I understand. All of it. I live the same life as you. I can market my way out of these cool, dark corners, but marketing takes time. And even more important, there is no one way to market, or write, ourselves to success. In my experience, these things are rarely “passive.”

In fact, these things can drive you n-n-n-nuts if you’re in business for heart-centered reasons. If you actually want to connect with your readers and sharers. If you mean to give lessons to your beloved and hope to help them get through struggles and get unstuck.

And I do. I figure you do too, because you are reading this. We probably have a lot in common.

The thing is, for all of us, we might need help, if we want to do the best job helping others.

How Can I Help?

I would LOVE to help you write. We know this. Hey, if you want to pull the trigger right now and click on my Services page to book me, I wouldn’t complain. And you wouldn’t be sorry.

But also, I would love to TEACH you, specifically, what you need to know to do the job yourself as efficiently as possible. Even when you come back from vacation and have to go a little crazy and confess, like I am.

Because, I know I can recover, in, like, a week. I have the skills, the experience and all this wacky optimism. Let’s get you some of that too.

Now, I’m trying to decide the absolute best topics to continue to write on here. I already have about 20 more posts planned, and two new products as well–a book and a course. Are they what you want? I want to ask you in person. Some want help with taglines and naming but some of you really need help with editing, brainstorming, sales copy or finding your voice.

Tell me!

30 Minutes with Me (no charge)

Schedule a talk with me simply by emailing me: faith@pentozen[dot]com {sorry, that’s so I can avoid the spambots}

We can cover a specific piece of your writing, or discuss your marketing or website in general. All I ask is that you give me two minutes to ask you what you think of my content and what else I could offer that would interest you.

Let’s get together soon. I feel better already, and I promise you will, too!

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