Bloggers Becoming Writers: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Professional Blogging like AutobahnA lot of people are starting websites lately.

No, that’s no newsflash. But so many of us act… write… and start websites… as if that wasn’t quite as massively, profoundly, affectingly true as it is.

Have you GoDaddied lately? Witnessed the plethora of new extensions available for all the awesome urls that were unavailable to you last year or last month?

It’s kinda fun. We’re doing business on the information superDUPERhighway, indeed. But like all fun, speedy, busy things, it’s kinda scary, too. It will be best if we have the needed driving skills to handle this road.

There are many of things you can and should do to fuel your odds of having a successful blog.
(I’m stuck on this car analogy, so ride along with me.) Especially if you’re defining success as reaching a sizeable, loyal or at least interested audience who will be likely to support you in a business endeavor that creates income for you.

Broad definition: successful blog = interested audience.
Strict outcome: successful blog = income for you.

Money isn’t everything.

Some bloggers just want to help people, or promote their hobby, or connect with likeminded others around the world, or share their family history online. To these things, an interested audience is all that is needed.

First, to gain an interested audience, the topic should be interesting to others. After that, the fewer mistakes, offenses, omissions, etc., that the potential audience finds, the more interest that is likely to be shown.

There is a level of professionalism, then, in even the most casual bloggers’ presentation of material, that can help make their blogs more successful. However, nothing more ever needs to come of it.

It’s a beautiful thing, to run across a great, personal blog, done for no other reason than someone wants to, and can. Here is the bread they baked or the story of their immigrant grandparent’s childhood. Wow, and thank you.

Money means a lot.

Everyone else is trying to take advantage of the opportunity as it has presented itself over the last many years, to create an online income opportunity. If you’re still reading at this point, perhaps you’re one of us.

A blogger can turn a hobby, a part-time pastime, a writing habit, or basically any special skill or interest, into a source of income, if they are very good at what they do plus have a bit of luck. I suppose that’s true of any hobby, habit, or special skill–except, with the internet, you can reach just about anyone, anywhere, anytime.

The removal of physical location limits and timing restrictions opens up new possibilities for millions of people who were tied to these lifestyle demands before. It’s exciting to think about the artisans, inventors, teachers, working parents, data coders–anyone–who can start and run their business on the internet.

It’s also important to honor the diversity and the backgrounds of the people online trying to write and do business with their blogs now, because they literally comprise the start-up environment many of us are launching in, and where we will be competing for years to come.

If we want to make income–active or passive–on the internet, and use blogging as a popular and effective means to help us, then we need to be very good at it. Just as if you wanted to get somewhere on the Autobahn…

Caution: Student Writer

Remember when you had to slow way down to turn because you couldn’t see the curb? Or when you didn’t know you were supposed to slow down to turn, so you nearly flipped the car and gave the Driving Instructor a heart attack?

That’s why they put the caution signs on the Driver’s Education vehicles–there’s a learning curve.

Even with lessons, most of us don’t learn professional driving skills. We only learn to drive well enough to get by in school, for work, our travels and our everyday lives. Which is typically how well most of us learn to write, also.

I mean, I’m not ready to drive 120 miles an hour in traffic on a Superhighway. But if I ever had to live life in that fast lane, I’d beef up my abilities with practice, first: on smaller roads, without many people around. I’d work my way up. Like an online writer whose site doesn’t hurtle to popularity with hundreds of thousands of views right off the bat. Training grounds are good.

Also, I’d probably want some expert driving instruction. Someone familiar with the Autobahn to help make sure I’m ready, before I really open things up out there. I know how to drive, but can I trust myself racing alongside fine cars on that road? Similarly, almost everyone I know, knows how to write. But can they write for a living?

How bloggers become writers.

To write a successful blog that earns you income; this is where the rubber meets the road.

Yes, that goes for me, too. Even though I was a professional writer already, I didn’t know how to make my living online. Guess what? That’s changing. I changed my whole website because of it, and here you are, riding on the road to the fast lane with me!

Bloggers become writers in the same way that people with a driver’s license become ready to open it up on the Autobahn. They make a point of it. They learn, they do, they get better.

Maybe you need a map, quick directions, parallel parking of your squeeze page between your blog posts… a quick click here will get you some free tips and a nice eGuide to help you master your copy in just 10 minutes. Vroom vroom, let’s go!


photo by: Blende57

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