Writing a Manifesto: When There’s More to Copy than Copy

There’s a lot of talk these days (in business & marketing) about pulling it together and putting something out there. Keeping it lean and oh well maybe it won’t be perfect. The window is open now and your thing may never see the light of day… this is NOT part of my manifesto.

Ask the CopyMaster: Benefits Copy versus Value Proposition

Welcome to Ask the CopyMaster, where I share questions asked by my clients and readers, and answer from my perspective as a seasoned Senior Marketing Copywriter. Dear Faith, Q: What is the difference between the value of the offer (benefit), and the relationship of value (what your service will do for the reader)? A: Great […]

tagline less than 1 hour

Tagline Tutorial Part V: Write a Good Tagline in Less Than 1 Hour

In my final installment in the Tagline series, I’m covering the shortcut version of tagline writing. It’s not about brilliant creative exploration or deep strategic consideration. It’s more about effectiveness, and ease. Can you really get to a good tagline, rather quickly? Say, when you’re writing your website or trying to ship a product. Without being […]

Help! pen to Zen

How Turning Pro Answered My Call for: Help!

Even when our problems are our own to conquer, we don’t have to battle them alone. Professionals ask for help. Here is the story of me Turning Pro. (and we all thought I already was?!)