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I Made These Mistakes with My Business So You Don’t Have To: Part I

When you read my stuff here at pen to Zen, I hope you realize we have a lot in common. We are prone to dream, prone to do, and prone to question ourselves. One question of mine has been am I also prone to succeed, or to forever be trying? (Trying to make a great living, to do […]

The Most Critical Link: Connecting Your Copy to Your People

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on the magic behind a well-delivered message. And I’m reminded of the critical difference between copywriting and conveying meaning. You see, I recently had a client (who has become a friend) mention to me that my website copy didn’t do enough to convey the magic she experienced while working […]

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My Most Popular Posts on Writing, Marketing and Life

It’s been a year since I re-launched pen to ZEN as a site for entrepreneurs who are learning to write marketing and website copy…or who want to hire me as their writer or coach. I learned a lot from my most popular posts, especially number 1.